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Electrical Panel Upgrades & Repairs in Missoula, MT

You may not think about the electrical panel in your home or business that often, but it is the core of your electrical system. Without it, you would not have your lights, appliances, or any other features powered by electricity.

You shouldn’t have to think about your electrical panel when it functions properly. But the moment it stops working as expected, you should call a licensed electrician to take a look before doing anything else. The pros at Hometown Electric are well-equipped to handle any electrical panel repairs or upgrades in Missoula, MT.

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What is an Electrical Panel?

The electrical panel is a metal box or compartment, usually placed in an out-of-the-way location like a hallway or the garage. This panel is the place where you can control all of the circuits in your home by turning on or off power to specific circuits, individually or all together.

An electrical panel is also commonly called a breaker or fuse box, depending on what type of electrical system you have. If you have a new home, you likely have circuit breakers, but if your home is older and does not have an updated system, you may have fuses. Missoula has a mix of homes built in different decades, including many historical homes from the 1930s and earlier, so make sure you understand what kind of electrical system you have.

Signs Your Panel Needs Repairs

Sometimes, when you need electrical panel repairs in Missoula, you will notice a major change in the way your electrical system functions. However, the problem may develop slowly, rather than suddenly. Keep an eye out for early warning signs to catch problems with your electrical panel before they escalate.

Some of the above can be signs of an electrical fire, so stay vigilant and examine your electrical panel now and then, especially if you notice problems with your outlets or other electrical system components.

The electrical experts at Hometown Electric know how to safely address problems with your electrical panel. We will investigate the issue, and then determine whether it can be solved with simple repairs or calls for a full electrical panel replacement.

Why Should I Get an Electrical Panel Upgrade?

An electrical panel upgrade in Missoula is necessary when your panel stops working or becomes a major safety hazard. However, there are additional reasons to replace your panel, apart from the most urgent ones.

Improve Home Value

When purchasing a home, buyers often want to know that the infrastructure in the home will last them for a long time. A new electrical panel is a good way to increase the sale value of your property, as interested parties will know that they won’t have to get a panel upgrade in Missoula for at least two decades.


An electrical panel will gradually become less safe over time, especially as you begin to add new circuits, appliances, or general usage. If there is a safety concern over your electrical panel, the electricians at Hometown Electric will let you know when we inspect it.

New Appliances or Circuits

A single new appliance may not be enough to overload your breaker box, but over time, if you greatly increase your need for electricity, you will have to upgrade your electrical panel. Older homes may not have the capacity for modern technology without an upgrade.

Old Existing Panel

Is your existing electrical panel 25 years old or older? It’s time to replace it, then. Most electrical panels begin to degrade when they reach this age, and this means repairs will become more likely unless you act proactively. It’s better to replace your electrical panel when it is still in a functional state rather than wait for it to become dangerous or suddenly fail.

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