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Generator Installation & Repair in Missoula, MT

If you live in Missoula, you know how much a power outage can derail your life, especially during the winter months. Montana holds the record for the coldest temperature ever documented in the United States at -70 degrees. This kind of cold becomes dangerous during a power outage, as you no longer have access to heat and possibly to the amenities you need to care for yourself. You may even be stuck in your home without another place to go if your garage door operates on electricity.

This is why you need a generator. Even one power outage can be a massive problem if you are not prepared. Luckily, the electricians at Hometown Electric will advise on what type of generator makes sense for you.

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Types of Generators

There are multiple types of generators on the market, with two primary types offered by Hometown Electric. We are able to offer quality generator installations in Missoula, MT, and we work with Cummins generators.

Read on to learn more about the types of generators available.

Portable Generators

A portable generator is a manual option that you can store when not in use. Different sizes of portable generators can scale to your needs, but generally, they are not meant to power a whole house. Instead, they can be used for electronics, a few key appliances, and the necessities.

If you frequently camp or host outdoor events, a portable generator can also be useful in situations where you don’t have close access to electricity. Since they are meant to be moved around, portable generators can be transported in a car or truck to an outdoor location. So long as you have enough fuel, the generator will power what you need.

Whole-House Standby Generators

A whole-house generator, in contrast to a portable one, is automatic. It turns on right away when the power goes out, and it is permanently installed, typically outside in a discrete corner around your home. This is probably what you think about when you think of generators, and a whole-house standby generator installation in Missoula will provide enough energy to power everything: appliances, lights, electronics, and other miscellaneous items.

You may also use a standby generator to power specific circuits, rather than charging up everything in the case of a power outage.

Why You Need Generator Repair

You may not think about your generator too often, especially during seasons like summer when the weather is relatively tame. However, if you don’t keep an eye on your generator, it may stop functioning without your knowledge. You can never predict a power outage, so it’s incredibly inconvenient when you need your generator most, but it just doesn’t turn on. Here are some of the common maintenance tasks you should complete to ensure you don’t need to call for generator repair in Missoula.

Check for System Alerts

Many generator models have built-in system alerts when something goes wrong. Some even come with remote monitoring capabilities, so you can get alerts on your phone. These alerts may include reminders for regular maintenance or warnings about more serious problems. Either case should be addressed by a licensed electrician.

Do a Visual Inspection

Visually check on your generator every now and then. If you have a whole-house standby generator, it should be located outside, and it may encounter wear and tear over time. Generators come with a protective enclosure, and you should check that enclosure for holes, dents, and other signs of damage.

Run Your Generator

Sometimes this is called “exercising” your generator. You can set a recurring schedule so your generator runs for a short period of time at a regular cadence. This way, if your generator begins to make loud noises, fails to power up, or exhibits other problems, you will catch it during a test run, not an actual power failure.

Whether you’re interested in an installation or you need urgent generator repairs in Missoula, MT, give Hometown Electric a call at (406) 540-9081. We have the expertise you need.

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