Electrical Remodeling & New Construction in Missoula, MT

Whether you’re rethinking an old space or building a new home, Hometown Electric can help. We frequently assist with custom residential and commercial projects, including both the electrical service component and the overall electrical design. From the initial concept to the final safety tests post-installation, we perform our jobs with a focus on quality workmanship, thoughtful design, and timely execution.

If you are considering new construction or electrical remodeling in Missoula, remember that Hometown Electric has your back throughout the process. You’ll want to work with a licensed electrical contractor with significant experience in custom projects, as any renovation or new build is going to be unique to you.

What is Electrical Remodeling?

Sometimes a property needs a refresh. Perhaps the kitchen in your home is outdated and needs more than just a new coat of paint. Maybe you’re looking to completely change the layout of a bathroom. Or, it’s possible that your commercial property needs an overhaul. Big or small, a remodel can completely change your space.

During the process, you will need to evaluate whether or not you’ll need support from an electrician. That’s when Hometown Electric comes in. We offer electrical remodeling in Missoula, MT, which involves working directly with your general contractor to identify any wiring, lighting, appliance, or other general electrical needs.

Kitchen Remodeling

If you’re altering your kitchen, you’ll likely need help from an electrical service pro. Appliance upgrades will need to be hooked up. Lighting should be designed for your needs and appropriate for the designated space. For example, task lighting is best suited for kitchen islands and counters, while warmer ambient lighting is a welcoming touch above any dining area.

Bathroom Remodeling

Whether you’re updating a small bathroom or adding a luxury spa set-up, it’s best to put safety first when changing any electrical components in your bathroom. From the lighting to the outlets, we’ll consider every component to make sure it will stand up to moisture. Get the look and feel of your bathroom right, and build a new oasis with special features tailored to your desires, like speakers for the shower or bright vanity light fixtures.

How Our Part in New Construction Works

When you are building a new property, whether it’s a home or a new building for your business, you will need an electrician to advise on proper safety measures and install any electrical components necessary for your space to function. Many general contractors work directly with electrical companies like Hometown Electric to incorporate our team into a larger group of contractors who cohesively build the new property.

No matter what your dream home or commercial property looks like, we are prepared to set up and wire your electrical system, install lighting and appliances, and test our installations to ensure safety. Trust our team to complete any electrical new construction in Missoula effectively and efficiently.

Here our some of our past projects!

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